Ethnic Foods Morocco

Ethnic Foods Morocco

MOROCCO Couscous with Seven Vegetables

MOROCCO Couscous with Seven Vegetables. Steamed couscous is piled high with stewed meat and vegetables – very delicious! Omit the meat for a vegetarian couscous. It's become increasingly popular in recent years to garnish this dish with a generous topping of tfaya, a caramelized onion and raisin mixture that can also adorn couscous all on its own. See How to Steam Couscous if you've never used a couscoussier. If cooking chicken, an organic, free-range bird works best due to the long cooking time. Vary the vegetables to your family's preferences, but try to include the full variety to achieve an authentically flavored sauce. Popular additions are listed as optional ingredients

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tajin clay

Using a clay or ceramic tagine is easier than you may think. Here are tips for preparing authentic Moroccan dishes in this traditional cookware.

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